How sharp is sharp? For woodworking it can vary, tools for accurate fine cuts must be sharp but there is a fine line between the time spent sharpening and the return in sharpness, especially when you take a freshly sharpened edge and start chopping away at a piece of wood. It also depends on the steel, some will take a very keen edge, and hold it. Others whilst maybe sharpened easily might also just as easily lose that edge. From a makers perspective there are times when in the heat of meeting a deadline a quick hone on a strop may be enough to get you through. Other times, being forced to put down tools, pull out your sharpening stones, and the contemplativeness of restoring a sharp edge will slow the frenetic pace that can lead to mistakes.

2 hour course - $130

Bring your five favourite chisels, we'll spend time discussing methods of sharpening, and set about getting the backs flat, regrinding the bevel and honing a keen edge. Once those backs are flat, half the battle of sharpening is won.

I have a variety of sharpening equipment, from a tormek grinder to ceramic waterstones from Japan and several options in between. From this course I think you'll achieve a greater understanding of sharp and how to sharpen, plus walk away with your five favourite chisels all ready to go.